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Shane Lestideau 

Teaching in Australia and in Europe


Shane Lestideau is a musician with a variety of experiences gathered over every continent of the globe. Fortunate enough to have aquired a parallel education in both Classical and Traditional Irish and Scottish music in Australia, she has gone on to work with baroque ensembles on some of the most prestigious stages in France, fiddled her way around Ireland and Scotland, and performed and recorded with dozens of top musicians all over Europe.

Shane has over 15 years teaching experience on the violin in conservatoriums, music schools, private lessons and workshops. After tutoring individual violin classes and a children's orchestra in Sydney, she was employed in France by the Brest Conservatorium of Music and the Lannilis and Plabennec Music Schools, all of which followed a classical syllabus. This was followed by six years of teaching at the Centre Breton d'Art Populaire where she developped a variety of student ensembles which played both traditional Irish and Scottish music, as well as baroque.


Dedicated ear training, a love of scales and modes, efficient practice, exploring all the possibilities of one's instrument, and finding musicality in everyday experiences are all part of Shane's teaching method. Kids will love learning through a highly creative and playful approach to discovering the violin, and adults will come away with great posture (with or without an instrument in their hands!), a sensibility to different musical styles, and a repertory of pieces which they can pick up their violin and play for anyone, anytime.





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GEELONG, Victoria, Australia


Tel: 0428-435-333

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