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Weekly individual classes and Group Lessons   

The Four Seasons Violin Studio offers individual and group lessons in a home-studio environment with full access to an extensive personal music library, listening materials, and an acoustic piano for pieces with keyboard accompanyment. The instrumental class may be complimented by an additional group lesson and/or music theory tutoring. A range of musical repertoires and styles are offered in the studio including Classical, Baroque, Scottish Baroque, Traditional Irish and Scottish fiddling, and Improvisation.


Please contact the studio directly to discuss lesson times and the availability of places in group classes.

Beginner Classes   

Learn about the violin starting from the very basics. Whether a child or an adult, we must all start with correct posture, bowing techniques, finger-placement and how to memorise a tune. Musical games for kids and quirky tips for adults will have all new students playing their first piece after only a few weeks! A range of musical styles are introduced to stimulate interest and varied techniques.

After general violin technique has been mastered, it is possible to focus more intensively on musicality, style and repertoire. Classical classes can follow the AMEB levels, use a Suzuki-style approach with an emphasis on aural training and the Suzuki repertoire, or be tailor-made to suit the individual. 

Classical Intermediate/ Advanced Classes

Learn about the fascinating world of Early Music with its unique acoustic sonority and repertory through the Baroque Violin. Gut strings, a 415 diapason, baroque bows and bowing techniques, the art of Improvisation and Division, are all part of classes aimed at forming musicians capable of Historically Informed Performance. A baroque violin and (particularily) bow are prefered for these classes, but it is possible to begin on a modern instrument and slowly transition into a baroque set-up over time.

Baroque Intermediate/ Advanced Classes
  Irish and Scottish Fiddling

If your passion for the violin is more for a fiddle lilting an irish jig or cranking out a highland reel, come and develop your 'trad technique' with classes on ornamentation, bowing skills, dance rhythms, tunes and their history, vocal influences on instrumental music, tune collections, arrangement, composition and improvisation. Classes are aimed at intermediate to advanced players (come to the beginners classes first if you're just starting out as a fiddler).


  Music Theory Tuition

Music Theory is integrated into all violin classes at the Four Seasons Violin Studio, but if extra tuition is needed, individual classes are available. Music Theory is made to be fun, interesting and useful, using diverse teaching materials and examples which are specially tailored for violinists.